The ASIAN Feedback Film Festival provides a public forum for Asian films and screenplays. Using the FEEBACK Festival format, this festival’s agenda is to fuel the growing appreciation for Asian cinema To showcase Asian based characters and/or filmmakers & screenwriters from around the world today.

Screenplays get performed by professional actors at the monthly festival.

Film Festivals occur every 3 months. The filmmaker receives two screenings of their film and the popular audience feedback video where industry people react to their film (great promotional video too)

Recent Testimonials:

It was absolutely great and exciting (seeing the FEEDBACK Video on my film). Thank you and the audience a lot. I also watched feedbacks of other works that screened. I need to admit that the audience in Toronto is much more film literate, and has a greater sense than most audiences that I have ever seen. The comments and reactions to the film was really nice. Although it was screened in many festivals and events in various countries, that video is the only real feedback that I got from an audience except in my country and except from people working for festivals. It was great too see that the film is still meaningful, fun to watch and has a real reflection in different countries.
– Kagan Kerimoglu (The Wheel of Time, Short Film)