Director Biography – Mauraya Sharma (SEEPED)

An Ardent individual learning and expressing his voice comes naturally to Mauraya, a 17-year-old student, through art genres like film-making, theatre, designing, and painting. Often he describes the medium of films as an act of resistance; reshaping and molding our society. He Co-wrote and Directed the ‘Unbinding’ Short Film about a gender-sensitive outlook on desire that won him 7 Awards and 20 nominations, nationally and internationally (including Oscar-qualifying festivals). A year before that. He started a campaign titled ‘Project Bansuli’ which upcycled and revived the lost culture of bamboo jewelry in the Dangs tribe, integrating them into the urban market. The culmination of this project was with a documentary titled ‘Looking Through the Bamboos’ that lend him 10 awards internationally. In continuation of this project.

Director Statement

Quote “more than anything, Seeped is not about what moments of contemplation can do to us, rather what merely causes it; the uncanny correlations. It entrenches you into your past, trickling down into stories of your life with no judgment.”

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