Director BIO: C Hudson Hwang (WHAT FLOWERS THEY BLOOM)

A second generation Taiwanese-Canadian born in Edmonton, Alberta, Calvin, started young as a player with the acclaimed St Albert Children’s Theatre, and moving on to appearances in television and commercials. Somewhat discouraged by the lack of roles, he pursued a career in advertising, landing him in London UK, Toronto and Montreal before returning to entertainment as a film director intent on capturing the voice to the underrepresented and beauty to the misunderstood.
Hwang’s award winning films have screened internationally, with his recent documentary films Exiting Hell Bar winning best documentary at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

Director Statement

This film is both a confrontation and a diplomacy on the myriad of emotions I have felt over the surge of anti-Asian attacks during the pandemic. From one perspective it is a breach of the collectivist silence originating from a culture of saving face. The conversation about racism must be normalized in order for these injustices to be broken. On the other, it is a careful translation of anger and frustration into something positive, heart opening and inspirational of change. This film is my expression and collaboration to translate anger into unity.

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