Short Film: A LETTER FROM CARL JUNG, 40min., South Korea, Documentary

Directed by Yong Jin Yoon

In 2020, the National Theater of Korea hosted a performance titled the “Shaman and Photographer.”
As Shaman Lee Hae-gyeong allowed a spirit to possess her body with a traditional Korean Gut photographer Kang Young-ho captured the spirit with his camera and projected the image up on a screen in real-time.

Watch the Audience Feedback Video:

As I was watching this performance,
I suddenly remembered Carl Jung

Religion, alchemy, and spiritualism are activities in different fields that try to realise the divinity within human beings yet to manifest itself because of various mental problems.

Director Biography – Yong Jin Yoon

2012 Global Buddhist Congregation Invitation
2012 World Fellowship of Buddhists Invitation

‘Zen Buddhism Gateless Gate’
2017 The 25th Annual Buddhist Media Award Special Prise
2018 The 52th Annual World Fest Houston Gold Remi(Religion)

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