Short Film: WE CAN DREAM, 10min,. South Korea, Documentary

Directed by Dae Ryun Chang

Jihoon is a veteran disabled baker who works at We Can Cookies, a company that specializes in organic baked products and is run by nuns. He feels rewarded that consumers like what he and his fellow disabled workers make. He aspires to be a role model to his junior bakers and hopes that the company can hire more disabled workers to share in his dream.

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video:

Director Biography – Dae Ryun Chang

Daeryun Chang (aka Dae Ryun Chang) first received exposure to filmmaking while attending a film camp at the New York Film Academy. There he wrote and directed a short called “Ol’ Reliable” starring Mukul Chadda, now an established stage actor in India. Having degrees from UBC, Columbia and Harvard, he has spent his entire professional life as an academic and is currently a professor at Yonsei University where he teaches marketing and advertising. For his courses he has produced documentaries such as “Distribution in Korea” and “Eating and Health in Argentina.” He wrote the story and directed a short “I, Profess” that was an official selection at KOSMA Film Festival in 2014, an official selection at #TOFF for December 2015, and a finalist at the Calcutta Cult Film Festival. His second short, “Call Coho” has received monthly selections at ROMA CinemaDOC (December), the Los Angeles Independent Film Festitval Awards (December) where it received the Best Foreign Short Award, won 10 awards at the GIFA Film Festival, best cinematography at the LA Feedback Film Festival, and has been officially selected at the Ferrara Film Festival (special mention), the Annual Copenhagen Film Festival, Soho International Film Festival and the I Filmmaker Film Festival in Marbella. “The First Timer” won Best International Director at the Portland Comedy Film Festival (October, 2018). He can be followed on Instagram at /daeryunchang/.

Director Statement

This passion project aims to show how the disabled are “normal” in the goals that they set for themselves and their colleagues. Although Jihoon may not appear to have high intellectual capabilities, his devotion to his work and aspiration for others are qualities that anyone should try to emulate.

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