Short Film: PRESSURE BABY, 34min., Canada, Documentary

PRESSURE BABY documents the emotional journey of Zin, a young woman living in one of the most remote communities in Myanmar. This intimate film grants a glimpse into the life of a mother, wife and daughter whose story seems so unique, but is sadly an all-too-common reality for millions of women. It’s a story of the realities of development and evolving family dynamics, which can make a life or death difference in the health and futures of communities everywhere.

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Short Film: DUCKMAN, 10min., Canada, Documentary

Happiness doesn’t come bundled with a new car, or a big house. It comes with finding your purpose in life and surrounding yourself with smiling friendly faces. Duckman is a Japanese busker who travels around the world to bring happiness to people. This movie explores the difficulties of living as a busker and how he balances his passions vs career as we know that living off as a busker deals with various dangers/problems whilst having the passion—busking—is treasurable just like all the others who have passions in life.

Director Biography – Mauraya Sharma (SEEPED)

An Ardent individual learning and expressing his voice comes naturally to Mauraya, a 17-year-old student, through art genres like film-making, theatre, designing, and painting. Often he describes the medium of films as an act of resistance; reshaping and molding our society. He Co-wrote and Directed the ‘Unbinding’ Short Film about a gender-sensitive outlook on desire that won him 7 Awards and 20 nominations, nationally and internationally (including Oscar-qualifying festivals). A year before that. He started a campaign titled ‘Project Bansuli’ which upcycled and revived the lost culture of bamboo jewelry in the Dangs tribe, integrating them into the urban market. The culmination of this project was with a documentary titled ‘Looking Through the Bamboos’ that lend him 10 awards internationally. In continuation of this project.

Director Statement

Quote “more than anything, Seeped is not about what moments of contemplation can do to us, rather what merely causes it; the uncanny correlations. It entrenches you into your past, trickling down into stories of your life with no judgment.”

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Just like every other youngster Vishal Bhatia loves to live his life to the fullest, having fun with friends and cares a damn for rest of the world. After his father’s demise he takes over the entire business, only to get busy looking for more fun, until that night of his Birthday.

Seen partying with his friends that night, wakes up to find himself trapped inside a box, his life takes him for a Rollercoaster ride since then. Left with a phone bearing few contacts of least help and with less than 2 hours of oxygen to survive, he starts using his abilities physical and mental to the extreme to come out of it. Having no clue of who must have done this to him and for what reason, he starts analyzing his past, from every relation to another, every person near and dear, Passing through the Shattering Realities, and crawling over the wall of self realization, Will he find his way out? Or the one who has trapped him has some other plans….

  • Project Type:Feature
  • Runtime:1 hour 40 minutes
  • Completion Date:December 24, 2020
  • Production Budget:150,000 USD
  • Country of Origin:India
  • Country of Filming:India
  • Language:Hindi
  • Shooting Format:Digital
  • Aspect Ratio:16:9
  • Film Color:Color


Directed by Bharath Bhushan Neth (DEEP INSIDE)

Director aged 38 hails from The advertising background and has been active in commercial and digital advertising for major brands in India since 2011. This is his Debut feature film. He is a passionate film maker having an excellent eye for detail, which he has proved with this debut film Deep Inside.
He believes in keeping the audiences engaged with his storytelling that has his unique pattern.

Director Statement

Film Making is The art of engaging the audiences with the story/plot, no-matter if such film is made in ROME or in a ROOM.